• New Oriental Stir Fry Buffet (1hour)

      Amaze your guests with our chefs making stir-frys to order in front of their eyes,your guests choose from a selection of fresh i ngredients and watch our chefs wok fry it in front of their eyes in our special wok cookers. This service is available for 1 hour.

    • Hot Scotch

      Hot rolls filled with sausage, bacon and potato scone £1.85 per roll (minimum 150 rolls)

    • Bronze

      Sandwiches with various fillings, sausage rolls and pakora £3.95 per head (finger buffet, 3 items)

    • Silver

      Sandwiches with various fillings, cocktail sausage rolls, pakora and chicken drumsticks £4.95 per head (finger buffet, 4 items)

    • Gold

      Sandwiches with various fillings, cocktail sausage rolls, pakora, chicken drumsticks, savoury chicken, quiche and oriental pieces £5.95 per head (finger buffet, 7 items)

    • Platinum

      Honey roast ham, roast silverside of beef, sliced chicken terrine, chicken pieces, drumsticks, egg marie rose, savoury quiche, cocktail sausage rolls, dinner rolls and butter and a selection of salads £8.95 per head (display buffet)

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    • Diamond

      Honey roast ham, gourmet roast pork, savoury chicken, fresh salmon with prawns, gala pie, quiche and served with a selection of six salads £9.95 per head (display buffet) Hot Dinner Buffets available from £9.95 per head

    • Please note that all our buffets are suggestions and individual tailored buffets can be supplied. Please ask for further details...