University Catering Price List

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Hot & Cold Drinks

Tea /coffee £1.90
Soup of the day £3.50
Bottled juice 500ml £2.50
Cans 330ml £1.60
Water 500ml £1.10
Fruit juice £1.10
Biscuits £1.00

Breakfast Rolls

Bacon £3.00
Steak Slice £3.00
Pork Links £3.00
Potato scone £3.00
Vegan Sausage £3.50
Scrambled Egg £3.00
Mini Pastries x 3 £3.00
Granola, yoghurt & berries. £3.20
Croissant with butter/jam £2.00

Plated Dishes

Includes cutlery & napkins

Seasonal Salad, Cocktail Sausage Rolls,
Vegetable Pakora and Chicken Drumsticks.

4 Item £4.95

Seasonal Salad, Cocktail Sausage Rolls,
Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Drumsticks and

5 Item £5.95

Seasonal Salad, Cocktail Sausage Rolls,
Chicken Pakora, Chicken Drumsticks,
Sandwiches and Spring Rolls.

6 Item £6.50

Seasonal salad, Cheese & Onion Rolls,
Vegetable Pakora and Vegetable Spring Rolls.

4 Item (Vegetarian) £4.95

Cold Pasta
Penne Arrabiata (Vegetarian) £2.25
Chicken Arrabiata £2.75

Lunch On The Go £6.00
Premier Sandwich
Fresh Fruit
Snack Bar

Sweet selection assorted cakes and tray bakes

Hot Dish Buffets available inquire
Full service served dinners inquire
Bar service available inquire
Beer, wines, spirits supplied inquire

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